B.A. in Contemporary Global Studies

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  • Course description


    Total Credit Hours: 128
    Major Credit Hours: 48

    [Students seeking a business-focused curriculum should consult the International Business program in the College of Business.]

    I. General Education (52)
    General Education course requirements are listed in the General Information section of this catalog. The following are recommended:
    06-334 Non-Western Literature (3)
    19-298 Christianity and World Religions (3)
    Social Sciences
    18-200 American National Government (3)
    18-210 State and Local Government (3)
    04-195 The American Economy (3)
    04-200 Basic Macroeconomics (3)

    II. Core Courses (21)
    61-210 Introduction to Contemporary Global Studies (3)
    09-102 Culture and Civilization II (3)
    18-250 Research Methods (3)

    (Political Science/International Relations students take 18-250.)


    70-190 Microcomputer Software (3)

    (History students take 70-190.)
    18-361 History of Political Thought I (3)
    18-362 History of Political Thought II (3)
    26-100 General Psychology (3)
    26-285 Cross-Cultural Psychology (3)
    04-346 Business-Government Relations in the Global Economy (3)

    III. Two Major Concentrations are offered:  Political Science/International Relations and History.  The student must take eighteen hours in one concentration. (18) 
    Option 1.  Political Science/International Relations Concentration

    A. Required course:
    18-200 American National Government (3)

    B. Choose one of the following courses:
    18-361 History of Political Thought I (3)
    18-362 History of Political Thought II (3)
    18-368 Non-Western Political Thought (3)
    C. Choose four courses from the following:
    18-336 American Foreign Policy (3)
    18-321 Comparative Government (3)
    18-331 International Relations (3)
    18-337 International Topics (3)
    18-362 History of Political Thought II (3)
    18-364 Political Ideologies (3)
    Option 2.  History Concentration
    A. Three required courses:
    09-323 The Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1941 (3)
    09-325 United States Since 1941 (3)
    09-337 Immigration, Ethnicity, and Race in American History (3)
    B. Choose three additional courses from the following regional clusters:
    (1) Latin America
    09-211 Latin American and Caribbean History: Ancient Times to the Present (3)
    20-315 Sociology of Latinas/os in the United States (3)
    09-384 France and Spain (3)
    (2) Asia
    09-261 History of India: Ancient Times to the Present (3)
    09-351 Modern China (3)
    09-352 Modern Japan (3)
    (3) Europe/Eastern Europe
    09-372 Modern Europe (1815-Present) (3)
    09-385 Russia: Ancient Times to the Present (3)
    09-386 Eastern Europe: From the Baltic to the Black Sea (3)

    IV. Capstone Course: This is a writing-intensive/advanced course that satisfies the advanced writing requirement for General Education. Students must select the course related to their concentration from the following: (3)
    09-403 Historiography II: Senior Research Seminar (2)
    18-410 International Relations Capstone (3)
    61-410 International Business Capstone (3)

    V. International Experience Courses (6)
    A. Study Abroad Options (3-6)
    21-120 International Experience Seminar (1)
    Study Abroad courses approved by the CGS advisor may be applied to the International Experience requirement up to 5 credits. (2-5)
    For further information on the Study Abroad Options, consult the General Information section of this catalog.
    B. International Internship Options (3-6) (Internships must be approved by a CGS advisor.)
    09-398 Internship for History Majors (1-3)
    18-398 Internship in Political Science (1-3)
    C. International Experience Short Courses (3-6)
    Generally includes a series of seminars at Lewis in preparation for a short course abroad. Course number will depend on concentration.

    VI. Language/Communication Skills 
    Students majoring in Contemporary Global Studies will be required to complete one year of college-level study in a foreign language (or the equivalent.)
    Students can fulfill this requirement in any one of the following ways: 1. Successfully completing a two-semester language course in the Lewis University Language Program. 2. Transferring to Lewis University the equivalent training from another recognized post- secondary institution subject to current University transfer policies. 3. Taking a diagnostic test in a particular language which either: a. places them out of the requirement; or b. diagnoses them as needing one or two additional semesters of college-level study. Additional study can be filled by:

    i. successfully completing the required number of semesters of college level study at Lewis University;

    ii. using the transfer option outlined above; or

    iii. retaking the diagnostic test at a later date and placing out of the requirement.

    In order to demonstrate knowledge of first-year foreign language study, students must have at least a rating of Novice-High in listening, speaking, reading, and writing on the ACTFL FSI scale for non-cognate languages (Chinese, Japanese, Russian) or Intermediate Low level for cognate languages. Native speakers of languages other than English will not be subject to this requirement.

    VII. Recommended Elective Courses
    10-350 Intercultural Communication (3)
    20-360 Sociology of Conflict and Cooperation (3)
    26-365 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3)

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