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  • Course description
    B.A. Degree with a Major in Computer and Information Science

    Requirements of the Major

    A major in Computer and Information Science is achieved by completion of the following requirements, in addition to the General Education and electives required for a degree:

        Required Core Courses

        CSC 226, 236, 435, TEC 130 and 265
        Required Capstone Course

        Completion of one of the following: an approved CSC 495 or an approved UGR 010 or UGR 020 (see Undergraduate Research in this Catalog) focused in the computer and information sciences; or CSC 492
        Required Distribution Courses

        Four (4) additional distribution course credits must be completed. Two (2) of these course credits must be selected from: CSC 303, 325, 330, 386, 433, 440, and 486. The remaining two (2) distribution courses must be selected from CSC 100-499, TEC 180, 330, 382, 455, and 460, and SENS 320. Note that each selected course may only be used to satisfy one requirement within this major or the optional concentration in Computer Science.

        Required Collateral Course

        MAT 105 or 312

    Optional Concentration in Computer Science

    In addition to completing the requirements for the Computer and Information Science major (listed above), the optional concentration in Computer Science requires three (3) additional CSC courses and one (1) additional collateral course. Thus, students opting to complete this major with a concentration in Computer Science must complete fifteen (15) course credits—thirteen (13) in the major and two (2) collateral course credits, as follows:

        * Algorithms: CSC 440
        * Operating Systems: CSC 325
        * Theory and Analysis: Either CSC 303 or 433 must be completed.
        * Continuous Mathematics: One of the following additional Collateral Courses must be completed: MAT 125 or 135 or 225

    Exploring the Major

    Students considering the Computer and Information Science major should begin exploring CSC courses as soon as possible. CSC 111, CSC 125, and CSC 126 are all courses that are specifically designed for early exploration. These courses are not sequential—CSC 126 can be taken without first having completed CSC 111 or CSC 125. CSC 126 is typically offered every Fall Term and CSC 111 and CSC 125 alternate in Spring Terms. In addition, up to two of these exploratory courses may be used to satisfy major requirements.

    Admission to the Major

    Each applicant to the major will receive careful consideration of his/her overall performance in the Department.
    Course Sequencing Considerations (in order to complete degree requirements within eight terms)

    A student with an interest in this major is advised to register for CSC 226 in his/her first or second year as this course is the prerequisite for all upper-level courses. Students who wait too long to take CSC 226 may find completion of the major essentially impossible to complete in eight regular terms. In addition, TEC 265 should be taken by the Fall Term of the student’s third year, or earlier if possible, because it is a prerequisite to CSC 435, which is offered only in alternate years.

        TEC 265 is not offered when TEC 460 is offered; consult the Schedule of Classes at www.berea.edu/classes for the latest information.

    Most upper-level CIS major courses are taught in alternating years, so it is very important to begin the sequence as early as possible.
    Proficiency Requirements for Completion of the Major

    Students in this major must have a major GPA of 2.0 or higher to complete the degree.
    Other Considerations or Recommendations

    Unless specifically excluded, CSC courses offered in Short Term may be counted in the Computer and Information Science major. In addition, students in this major should work carefully with their Academic Adviser to choose electives supportive of their career aspirations. Students must choose either the major in Computer and Information Science or the minor in Computer Science but are prohibited from completing both. However, students may choose to add a Computer Science option to the major in Computer and Information Science (see above).

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