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  • Course description
    The Department of Fine Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in the History of Art.  The most comprehensive undergraduate degree in the College, the BA is awarded to students who have completed both college-wide requirements and the the requirements of the major.  The Art History Program introduces students to the history and appreciation of the visual arts.  For the undergraduate wishing to major in Art History, the Program provides in-depths study in Ancient, Medieval, Byzantine, Islamic, Renaissance, Baroque, American Modern, and Contemporary western, as well as Asian and Non-western art and architecture.


    Admission to this program is selective.  Students who wish to major in fine arts specializing in Studio Art or Art History must submit an Application for Admission for a Major in Fine Arts to the Department of Fine Arts.  Acceptance depends on satisfactory academic performance, and artistic, educational, and career goals which meet the Departmental standard.  Art history applicants must submit an essay which demonstrates sufficient grammar and writing skills, an understanding of the concept of basic descriptive analysis, and the ability to succeed in the art history coursework.

     Applicants must meet the minimum overall grade point standards for the College of Arts & Sciences.  This means students must be in "Good Standing" and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for consideration.


    The Art History curriculum includes a broad range of courses from introductory classes for non-art majors to advanced graduate seminars on specialized topics.  The program offers courses at all levels in the areas of faculty expertise, covering Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, Early Christian, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, African, African-American, American, Modern, Contemporary, and Asian art and architecture.  There are also courses in the history of graphic design, historic interiors, curatorial studies, and the history of drawing and prints.

    In addition, a grade of "D" in any department course 300-level or above may not be used to fulfill a departmental requirement.

    Completing the BA in Art History

    Completion of this program requires work to be submitted for the department's Learning Outcome Measurement.  To meet this requirement, graduating seniors must submit an advanced level art history paper to the Art History Office.  For more information, contact the department.

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