Adobe Illustrator CS5 Training

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  • Course description
    A completely hands-on approach to creating illustrations, type and graphics with Adobe Illustrator. Students create numerous illustrations while strategies for easy execution are discussed and practiced. The course covers drawing, typography, compound paths, effects, basic 3D objects, layers, masks, patterns, blends, colors, and much more. At least three months experience with Mac or Windows required.
    • Learn how to successfully draw with the Pen tool (bezier curves )
    • Color: Swatches, Gradients, Patterns, Blends
    • “Live” Effects & Transparency
    • Create basic 3D Objects
    • Masking & Compound Paths
    • Type
    • Interaction with Photoshop
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • 18 Hours of hands-on training, one person per computer
    The 3-week training workshops meet twice a week for three weeks while the 3-day class consists of three seven-hour sessions with a one-hour lunch break. Included is our custom workbook with CD, used by teachers and colleges worldwide.

    Session 1:

    Drawing Paths
    Ovals, Rectangles
    Polygons, Spirals, Stars
    Selection Tools
    Fills and Strokes
    Freehand Drawing
    Lines, Curves, Anchor Points
    Introduction to Type   Bezier Straight Lines
    Bezier Curve Practice
    Bezier Curve Drawing

    Session 2:
    Average & Join Commands
    Scissors, Anchor Points
    Path Manipulation
    Select Options
    Creating Precise Shapes
    Working with Layers
    Live Trace   No Smoking Sign
    Live Tracing

    Session 3:  
    Rotating, Copying, Repeat Transforming
    Compound Paths
    Group Selection Tool
    Placing Images
    IBlob Brush
    3D Effects
    Compound Paths
    Masking with Type
    Creating a 3-D Object

    Session 4:
    Custom Colors
    Stroke Options
    Pantone and Other Swatch Libraries
    Gradient Fills
    Eyedropper Tool
    Color Filters
    Blending Modes
    Blends vs Gradients
    Shape Modes vs Pathfinders
    Creating and Applying Colors, Gradients and Lighting Effects
    Using Pathfinder/Transparency

    Session 5: 

    Fill and Path Patterns
    Transforming Patterns
    Working With Type
    Character Formatting
    Paragraph Formatting
    Linked and Wraparound Text
    Creating Outlines
    Type on a Path
    Vertical Type
    Info Palette
    Using Type as a Mask
    Styles   Creating and Transforming Patterns
    One Page Advertisement
    Styling Effects
    Appearance & Styles

    Session 6:    
    Placing Art
    Links Palette
    Moving Art between Illustrator & Photoshop
    Document Info
    Filters & Effects
    Create, Distort, Stylize Filters
    Multiple Artboard (pages)
    Live Color (Recolor Artwork)
    Finding Nearest Pantone Color
    Knife Tool
    Object-Path Functions
    Align Panel
    Ink Effects
    Measurements Tool
    Gallery Effects
    Document Setup
    Pixel Preview (Web feature)
    Save for the Web
    Keyboard Shortcuts

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