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B.S. in Environmental Science
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B.S. in Environmental Science - Claremont - CA - California

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B.S. in Environmental Science - Claremont - CA - California B.S. in Environmental Science - Claremont - CA - California
Course Description:
Environmental Science

Environmental Science entails the study of the natural environment and can lead to career opportunities with governmental agencies, environmental monitoring and consulting organizations, and wildlife conservation groups. Students should consult with advisors concerning their specific educational and professional goals. The major requires the following twelve courses:

   1. Biology 43-44, Introductory Biology
   2. Chemistry 14-15, Basic Principles of Chemistry OR Chemistry 29, Advanced General Chemistry
   3. Biology 175, Applied Biostatistics, or approved statistics course
   4. Five advanced biology courses, including:
      - Biology 146, Ecology, or approved alternative
      - Biology 159, Natural Resource Management, or approved alternative
      - Course in Field Biology
      - Two electives in biology, selected in consultation with the faculty adviser
   5. Geology 50po, Environmental Geology, OR Geology 130po, Remote Sensing of the Earth's Environment
   6. Biology 190L or 191 or 188L-190L. In general, a one-semester thesis (191) is an extensive library research thesis; (190L) is a one-semester experimental thesis; and a two-semester thesis (188L and 190L) is a laboratory or field research project. Students with a two-semester thesis normally take 188L, Senior Research, in the Fall.

      A semester abroad or summer study in field ecology is strongly recommended.

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