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  • Objectives
    Students learn how to:
    * Understand and explain how to create sites that are compliant with XHTML 1.0 and current standards in Web development.
    * Create valid HTML pages, structuring page content semantically, adding links, and embedding images.
    * Organize Web site files and FTP them to the Web.
    * Create valid HTML tables and customize them by modifying rows, columns, dimensions, spacing, borders, and background.
    * Create fluid or fixed HTML tables for layout if needed, adding image slices.
    * Create a valid XHTML page and write code that conforms to XHTML 1.0 Transitional or XHTML 1.0 Strict document types.
    * Follow professional guidelines for testing and validating Web pages as well as fixing broken links and images.
    * Apply CSS styles to an HTML document through inline CSS, internal style sheet, or external style sheet.
    * Apply CSS rules to specific content in an HTML document using classes, IDs, divs, and spans.
    * Set and manipulate the typography on a Web page: fonts, colors, weights, styles, variants, decorations, and spacing.
    * Style lists and links on a Web page.
    * Style box-level elements using borders, padding, and margins.
    * Float page elements or position them relatively or absolutely.
    * Set the visibility, clipping, and overflow or page elements.
    * Create fixed or fluid one and two-column CSS layouts.
    * Test and troubleshoot CSS positioning issues.
    * Create a basic HTML form.
    * Following guidelines, create a dynamic JavaScript navigation.
    * Create horizontal and pop-up navigation effects.
    * Organize CSS coding samples to create a code repository for future use.
  • Entry requirements
    To take this course you'll need:
    * Computer with Internet connection (56 Kbps modem or faster).
    * An account with an ad-free Web hosting service (free services are available). An ad-free Web space allows students to upload assignments without interference from forced ads like popups or banners.
  • Course description
    Learn to create standards-compliant sites using XHTML and CSS
    Today's professional-standard Web sites are designed using XHTML in conjunction with CSS.
    Sound challenging? Fear not, because learning to write code for the Web has never been easier or more fun. In this six-lesson course, you'll learn to create Web sites—using XHTML to mark up the structure of the document, and CSS to dictate how each page element should look.

    Course lessons are packed with hands-on examples that help you gain skills and confidence step-by-step. You'll begin by mastering the basics of HTML markup and how to follow XHTML 1.0 specifications. Then you'll learn to translate this structure into visual designs that use CSS for typography and positioning. The course wraps up with a look at forms, dynamic content, and JavaScript-enhanced navigation. All course assignments are accomplished with hand-coding.

    This course is designed to provide a foundation in Web standards, the set of "best practices" established by the World Wide Web Consortium, among other organizations that set the standards for Web development. A site that adheres to Web standards makes use of certain designated markup, presentation, and scripting languages (like XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

    Learning Web standards helps you build sites that are more accessible, usable, and cross-browser compatible, as well as simpler to build and maintain!

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