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  • Objectives
    Language Door Los Angeles offers small interactive Thai classes. Our comfortable, casual environment helps to make learning Thai fun and convenient. We schedule our classes at times that work for busy adults. Enrich your life as you learn one language or learn many.
  • Course description
     For the Beginning A to D classes, we use "Colloquial Thai" by Routledge.

    In this book, Colloquial Thai, each lesson presents the language you will find most useful to talk about a common topic or situation. You will practice it in ways that will make it easy to use in real-life situations.

    The lessons features:

        * Dialogue - new grammar and vocabulary in a realistic context.
        * Additional vocabulary for the exercises is presented separately.
        * A further dialogue presents and practices more grammar and vocabulary on a related theme in the same way as the first.

    In addition...

        * Tone practice focuses on the tones of some new words introduced.
        * A vocabulary exercises practices word-building and relationships.
        * Reading and writing exercises introduce progressively the symbols of written Thai with examples drawn from words you already know.

    Beginning A (chapters 1-3)

    Topics - Greetings, meeting people, asking basic questions, description of people, etc.
    Grammar and usage - pronunciation, affirmative statements, Negative sentences, articles, etc.

    Beginning B (chapters 4-7)

    Topics - numbers, ages, asking what something is, likes & dislikes, asking for directions, etc.
    Grammar and usage - classifier, possessives, noun compound, uncountable nouns, polite contradiction, imperatives, etc.

    Beginning C (chapters 8-11)

    Topics - introducing yourself & others, identify people & things, leisure activities,  polite responses, basic requests, etc.
    Grammar and usage - relative clauses, past tense expressions, compounds, classifiers, future tense expressions, etc.

    Beginning D (chapters 12-15)

    Topics - explain situations, compare things, express probability, report speech, conditional sentences, etc.
    Grammar and usage - comparison, degree of difference, superlatives, verb compound, reporting speech, conditionals, etc.

    Intermediate and Advanced Classes

    If you would like to discuss material covered in these levels, contact us at our Los Angeles School.

    Language Description

    About 50 million Thai speakers exist, and most of them live in Thailand (where it is the official language) and others reside in Vietnam, and the Yunnan province of China.

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