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The Language Academy is a leading English School for International students and business executives. Personal attention and quality teaching are our top priorities. We know how important learning is for you. That is why an English language course at our school is a total experience in academic, social and cultural life in the U.S.A. and a sound investment in your future. The Language Academy approach to teaching and learning English is essentially learner centered. Our teachers focus on your needs, your interests and your goals. You, the learner, are encouraged to participate actively in cultural activities and field trips outside of the school and fully benefit from your visit to the U.S.

Our teachers and counselors will check your progress throughout the course and make sure you are learning effectively.

Careful appraisal and initial testing ensures that you are placed in the right level.   Regular individual counseling with your teachers will monitor your progress throughout your course.

Each class has a weekly review of course material.You will take a test to check your progress.

The teachers and the administration are at your disposal to give you advice and practical guidance throughout your stay.

Whichever course you choose, our close attention to quality and personal service will greatly help you progress in your studies.

Courses and Masters at this school

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