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Who We Are

The Northwest College of Construction is a privately funded, non-profit educational facility.

Our Mission

To promote life-long learning by delivering craft, technical, supervisory and management education to the construction industry.

Our Vision

The Northwest College of Construction envisions a facility where:

    * Workers obtain high-performance skills.
    * Employers gain the skilled workers needed to compete in the construction marketplace.
    * Students are offered as broad a range of course selections as possible.
    * Employer associations reflecting the full-range of the industry participate.
    * Participating organizations can maintain their individual identities.
    * Cultural diversity is promoted.
    * We reach out to economically and socially disadvantaged youth, helping them to be knowledgeable of career advancement opportunities in the construction industry.
    * We work with government and private agencies or foundations to help mentor disadvantaged individuals.
    * We explore opportunities with public school districts in order to leverage resources for the delivery of professional-technical education.
    * We serve as the best resource for matching employers' needs with worker aspirations.

Our Values

At the Northwest College of Construction, our core values include the following:

    * PERFORMANCE - We believe in setting standards that encourages everyone to perform at their best thus allowing them to excel in a competitive marketplace.
    * TEAMWORK- We believe that working together fosters productivity and allows students to have input in their career paths. We encourage collaboration to create new ideas.
    * QUALITY - We are committed to continually improving our programs, services, and our organization as a whole.
    * PARTNERSHIP - We realize the benefits of joining forces within the industry and in the business community to accomplish shared goals.
    * EDUCATION - We believe in being an innovator of life-long learning processes.

Our Culture

At the Northwest College of Construction, our culture is defined as an environment that fosters:

    * Efficiency of operation and confidence in our ability to perform.
    * A stable growing orientation striving for continued improvement.
    * Staff and instructors that believe every student can succeed.
    * A reality by employers that they are getting real value for their investment.
    * A dedication to educating those willing to learn supported by staff and the industry at large.
    * Educational best practices to fulfill industry needs.
    * Openness to all customers we serve.

Courses and Masters at this school

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