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New Mexico Tech offers outstanding preparation in science, engineering, and technology related fields. Undergraduates may have opportunities to assist professors with research projects or to work at one of our many research divisions. There are also many opportunities to gain experience while working on campus.
Tech students have opportunities to participate in several extracurricular activities. including student government , intramural sports and several student clubs and organizations . Tech student have started dozens of different clubs including a Waffle Club, an Auto Racing Club, and several professional organizations such as the American Society of Civil Engineers.

New Mexico Tech is an institute of higher learning that serves the diverse population of New Mexico by integrating education, research, public service, and economic development through emphasis on science, engineering, and natural resources. Its mission is multi-fold:

   1. helping students learn creative approaches to addressing complex issues;
   2. acknowledging state and national diversity of students and developing an inclusive learning environment;
   3. creating and communicating knowledge; and
   4. solving technical and scientific problems.

The people who comprise the community that is New Mexico Tech are guided by certain values as they perform their daily tasks. More than mere rules or operating procedures, our institutional values are qualitative and idealistic. They are our most fundamental touchstones that measure the worth of what we do.
They are: creative excellence, integrity, collegiality, service, leadership, and commitment to economic prosperity and technological development.

New Mexico Tech has established the following learning objectives for its undergraduate students and continuously assesses whether its students meet these objectives.

   1. New Mexico Tech students will gain expertise in their chosen field of study.
   2. New Mexico Tech students enrolled in bachelor of science programs will gain competence in science and mathematics by developing analytical and quantitative skills.
   3. New Mexico Tech students will be able to communicate to different audiences in multiple forms.
   4. New Mexico Tech students will gain an appreciation of their role as citizens in diverse human societies and cultures.
   5. New Mexico Tech students will learn responsible values and ethics in their professional and personal lives.
   6. New Mexico Tech students will learn to be life-long learners who reason well and can evaluate and apply information learned.

Courses and Masters at this school

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