Geneva Business School.

In line with our international accreditations, GBS has the following Broad-Based Goals:

Broad-Based Student Learning Goals:

1. Understand the major concepts of business applicable to companies of all sizes.
2. Obtain business knowledge and understand the management processes involved.
3. Learn the different types of effective communication skills.
4. Understand the importance of personal and professional integrity.
5. Understand the ethical ramifications of business decisions.

Broad-Based Operational Goals:

1. The curriculum will cater for students in order to prepare them for the skills required in the professional workplace.
2. Students will have access to all necessary materials and facilities to assist them in completing all courses successfully.
3. The faculty members will be composed mainly of active professionals.
4. The program will allow for students to be placed in work placements following completion of their studies.

History of courses from Geneva Business School:

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