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The Broadcasters Mentoring Group (BMG) partners with professional working broadcasters throughout the U.S. and Canada with a simple (but not easy) mission: To equip aspiring broadcasters to skillfully broadcast – starting today.

Based out of Calabasas, California, BMG is currently one of the few mentor apprenticeship programs available throughout the United States and Canada.

Whether your passion is to become a music DJ, talk show host, sportscaster, or newscaster, BMG has a training program for you.

Founded by former broadcaster Michael Madden, BMG was established to provide the ‘missing link to success' that traditional brick and mortar broadcasting schools aren’t structured to provide – insider access to professional broadcasters, and regular involvement with the real broadcasting industry.

Whether you’re a college student who has worked in your college radio station, or way beyond your college years, think of BMG as an advanced graduate broadcasting school that serves as your bridge into the real world of radio broadcasting.

That bridge also leads you to real contacts, real job opportunities, and real advantages, since you’re immediately able to establish your own network of industry references.

BMG is an unorthodox, yet comprehensive and multi-faceted broadcasting school that operates both in local radio stations, as well as with announcers from professional sports teams throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We’re unorthodox in that most broadcasting schools are traditionally held in brick and mortar buildings - offer set class times – and consist of a full time faculty...all being apart from where real radio is conducted, and where the jobs are.
BMG’s structure is very different from traditional broadcasting schools.

BMG’s broadcast training is so effective, because...

    * You’re inside real radio stations - in the same community where you live and work
    * Your instructors are professional broadcasters who are actually working in the field they’re training you to enter
    * Flexible training days and times that you set
    * You're already positioned inside the station - with contacts - when jobs become available

You’ll discover BMG’s mentor-apprentice model for training promotes relationship building and hands-on learning, regardless of which Broadcast Training Program you choose. You’ll discover that experienced broadcasters are best suited to train and escort you into this highly competitive business by serving as your personal guide, or mentor.

Regardless of your age, budget, or educational background, if you truly want to begin a career in a radio or TV broadcasting, you’ll now have that opportunity. Some programs offered are designed to lead you to your broadcasting destination quicker than others. However, all of the programs offered are designed to properly equip and prepare you to become a broadcaster.

BMG Works for You, the Client

Lot's of company's can talk a good game and say all the things you want to hear. At BMG, you are the reason our business even exists...and we don't forget that. Just as your training will be personalized and one-on-one, so will every care, concern, or complaint be treated that you may have at any time during or after your training. You're a broadcasting student today, but a client for life.

Courses and Masters at this school

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