QuarkXPress 8 Training Course

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Comments about QuarkXPress 8 Training Course - At the institution - Schaumburg - Illinois

  • Course description
    Explore the QuarkXPress interface. Work with tools and palettes; add text and pictures; modify text and picture boxes; learn how to create automatic and manual text links.
    Work with colors and libraries; create Master Pages and Style Sheets effectively, create XPress Tags and Beziers. Use layers; understand Tracking, Kerning and Hyphenation; work with tables; use Font and Picture Usage, and create templates.
    Create Sections, work with Inline graphics and dictionaries. Prepare book files, synchronize chapters, table of contents and indexes. Understand Trapping and Color Separations; create a print and Web layout, share text; work with hyperlinks and image maps. Collaborate using Composition Zones, and create Job Jackets.

    QuarkXPress Part I - Course Topics
    The QuarkXPress Environment
    • QuarkXPress basics
    • Greeking
    • Set application preferences
    • Palette Sets
    • Text and picture boxes
    • Customize a tool
    • The Zero Point
    Text Basics
    • Working with text
    • Overflow text
    • Undo and Redo History
    • Modifying
    • Simple text editing
    • Selecting text
    • Moving text
    • Character attributes
    • Glyphs
    Importing Text and Formatting Paragraphs
    • Importing text
    • Paragraph alignment
    • Paragraph spacing
    • Leading
    • Paragraph rules
    Tabs, Frames and Insets
    • Set and move a Tab Stop
    • Set a Fill character
    • Add a Frame to a text box
    • Set Inset spacing and vertical justification
    Picture Basics
    • Picture formats
    • Import a picture
    • Move and crop a picture
    • Change the scale of a picture
    • Rotate and Skew
    • Add and modify a Drop Shadow
    • Add a picture to a layout
    Working with Items
    • Standard and Super Repeating
    • Space/Align
    • Grouping and Ungrouping
    • Merging
    • Stacks
    • Shape Shifting
    Automatic and Manual Text Links
    • Automatic text boxes
    • Navigating multi-page documents
    • Ruler Guides
    • Manually linking text boxes
    • Breaking and changing a link
    • Locking tools
    • Link text over multiple pages
    One-Page Flyer Project
    • Multiple Column Text Frames
    • The Find/Change Command
    • Style Sheets: first look
    • Text Runaround
    • Spell Check
    • Collect for output
    • PDFs
    QuarkXPress Part II - Course Topics
    Clipping Paths, Picture Effects and Opacity
    • Create a Clipping Path
    • Clipping Outsets and Thresholds
    • Change a picture's brightness
    • Apply a filter to a picture
    • Change an item's opacity
    Colors and Libraries
    • Working with color
    • Points, Picas and Inches
    • Create and use a Library
    Master Pages
    • Create a Master Page
    • Pasteboard Ruler Guides
    • Automatic page numbers
    Style Sheets
    • Creating and using Style Sheets
    • Editing Style Sheets
    • Direct Formatting
    • The Baseline Grid
    • Drop Caps
    • Character Styles
    XPress Tags
    • Tags overview
    • Paragraph Tags
    Working with Bezier Text Boxes
    • Wrap text inside a graphic
    • Work with a Bezier text box
    • Add points to a shape
    • Create and use layers
    • Append colors
    • Create and modify layers
    • Move layers
    Tracking, Kerning and Hyphenation
    • Tracking and Kerning
    • Tracking tables
    • Tracking a layout
    • Hyphenation
    • More Hyphenation controls
    • Hyphenation Zones
    • Creating Tables from scratch
    • Converting text to a table
    Usage and Templates
    • Font usage
    • Picture usage
    • Create and use a Template
    QuarkXPress Part III - Course Topics
    Sections, Inline Graphics and Dictionaries
    • Create Sections
    • Absolute page numbers
    • Inline Graphics
    • Automatic Continued Lines
    • Auxiliary dictionaries
    • Book files
    • Synchronize chapters
    • Create book chapter sections
    • Lists
    • Indexing
    • Trapping basics
    • Change trapping values
    • The Trap Information palette
    • Rich black colors
    • Color separations 
    Layout Spaces, Shared Content & HTML
    • Create a print layout
    • Share text
    • Web layouts
    • Hyperlinks
    • Alternative text
    • Image Maps
    Composition Zones and Job Jackets
    • Collaborate using Composition Zones
    • Create a Job Jacket
    • Tickets
    • Rules

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