Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering

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  • Course description

    The program consists of at least 30 credits of course work (10 courses), of which a maximum of six credits may be replaced by an independent study project. This project, if elected, will be guided by a member of the department faculty. The type of project (e.g., experimental research, process design, theoretical analysis, literature survey) will be based on the student's interests and the recommendations of the department's graduate committee. All topics for independent study are subject to review and approval by the department's graduate committee. The student must prepare a formal written report covering the independent study. Full-time students receiving financial aid will be required to carry out an independent study project for six credits and prepare a thesis.

    A minimum of 24 credits of the student's course work must be in chemical engineering. The courses selected must conform to the departmental guidelines and form a coordinated program.


    All of our graduate courses are taught at night (2 1/2 hours one night per week) so that working professionals can easily attend and participate in the program. Ten courses are required for the Master's degree in Chemical Engineering. Students admitted starting Fall 2009 will be required to complete a minimum of 7 courses numbered 8000 or higher.  Students admitted prior to Fall 2009 may also opt for this requirement, or may choose to complete the requirements in effect at their time of their admission, which required the completion of a minimum of six courses in chemical engineering fundamentals* and a maximum of four can be in the electives area**. Two courses may be outside the chemical engineering department with advisor approval. All courses are 3 credits.

      CHE 8531  - Nano, Catalysis & Energy 
      CHE 8550  - Chem Reaction Engr I 
      CHE 8551  - Chem Reaction Engr II 
      CHE 8555  - Proc Control Theory I 
      CHE 8556  - Proc Control Theory II 
      CHE 8558  - Process Design I 
      CHE 8564  - Fluid Dynamics 
      CHE 8565  - Heat Transfer 
      CHE 8571  - Separation Processes I 
      CHE 8572  - Separation Processes II 
      CHE 8575  - Thermodynamics 
      CHE 8579  - Adv Process Modeling/Analysis 
      CHE 8585  - Optimization 
      CHE 8589  - Biochemical Engineering II 
      CHE 9020  - CHE Independent Study 
      CHE 9024  - CHE Thesis I 
      CHE 9025  - CHE Thesis II 
      CHE 7002  - Quantitative Safety Tech 
      CHE 7110  - Climate Change/Sustainability 
      CHE 7111  - Life Cycle/Impact Assessment 
      CHE 7561  - Air Pollution Control
      CHE 7587  - Biopharm Facility Design 
      CHE 7591  - Industrial Waste Management 
      CHE 7595  - Special Topics in CHE 
      CHE 8570  - Polymer Science & Engineering 
      CHE 8580  - ChE Economics 
      CHE 8586  - Biomaterials & Drug Delivery 
      CHE 8588  - Biochemical Engineering I
      CHE 8595  - Special Topics in CHE 
    *Student may request to take general graduate engineering courses, subject to approval by the graduate student advisor.
    **Electives: a maximum of two approved courses outside of chemical engineering.

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