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Master of Science in Demography

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  • Course description
    The Center for Demography and Population Health at Florida State University offers a program leading to the degree of Master of Science in Demography. The program has been designed for students who wish to specialize in population studies and develop proficiency in the use of demographic concepts, data, and techniques. Emphasis is placed on the development of intellectual and analytical skills useful in a research setting. Students entering the program should have career objectives which will place them in either the private or public sector in mid-level research oriented positions. Examples of employers who have hired graduates of the program are federal, state, and local governmental agencies, marketing research firms, other businesses and independent research institutes.

    DEGREE REQUIREMENTS (updated July 2008)
    Candidates for the degree will be required to complete a minimum of 33 semester hours, including a 24 hour demographic core (shown below), 3 hours of graduate-level elective courses approved by the Director and normally selected from the list below, and 6 hours for preparation of the Masters Research Paper (DEM 5972). The Masters Research Paper is often completed in combination with a summer internship.

    Application must be made online through the Office of Admissions . When applying, you do not need to indicate a specialization or list faculty members to work with, but this information would be helpful if known. All applicants from Florida or from eligible states in the Academic Common Market may check the option to be considered for assistantship/fellowship support. International applicants may be eligible for Florida Linkage Institute Out-of-State Tuition Exemption. In order to qualify, the applicants must be from one of the countries where a Florida Linkage Institute has been established.

    Admission requirements:
    • A completed undergraduate degree.
    • B average (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) for upper division undergraduate course work OR a GRE score of at least 1000 (combined verbal and quantitative).
    • A writing sample (a term paper or equivalent).
    • A short personal statement that describes your career aspirations and why you are interested in Demography.
    • Two reference letters attesting to your potential to succeed in graduate school.
    All applicants MUST take the GRE and have scores sent directly to the Florida State University prior to any final admission decision.
    Applicants who have not earned at least one degree from an English speaking University must also take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and provide an official test score of at least 550.

    Six Hours-:
    ECO 5936 Population Data
    SYD 5135 Demographic Analysis OR ECP 5117 Mathematical Demography

    Three Hours- Choose one of:
    GIS 5101 Geographic Information Systems
    URP 5272 Urban & Regional Information Systems

    Three Hours:
    URP 5261 Forecasting

    Nine Hours- Choose three of:
    SYD 5215 Mortality
    SYD 5225 Fertility; OR ECP 5936 Economics of Fertility
    SYD 5235 Mobility
    ECP 5115 Economics of Population
    GEO 5934 Population Geography
    SYD 5045 Introduction to Demography
    SYD 5177 Changing Families
    SYA 6933 International Population Dynamics
    SYD 5105 Population Theory

    Three Hours- Choose one of:
    SYA 5305 Introduction to Research Methods
    SYA 5455 Social Statistics and Data Analysis
    URP 5201 Methods of Planning Analysis I - Research and Evaluation
    URP 5211 Methods of Planning Analysis II - Statistics
    ECO 5420 Basic Econometrics


    ECO 5425 Time Series Analysis
    ECO 5936 Population Data
    ECO 5936 SAS
    ECP 5115 Economics of Population
    ECP 5116 Applied Economic Demography
    ECP 5117 Mathematical Demography
    ECP 5205 Labor Markets
    ECP 5536 Health Economics
    ECS 5015 Economic Development
    ECS 5028 Economies in Transition
    GIS 5101 Geographic Information Systems
    GIS 5158 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
    GIS 5400 GIS Social Sciences
    GEO 5472 Political Geography
    GEO 5545 Economic Geography
    GEO 5605 Urban Geography
    GEO 5934 Medical Geography
    SYA 5305 Introduction to Research Methods
    SYA 5406 Multivariate Analysis
    SYA 5407 Advanced Quantitative Methods
    SYA 5455 Social Statistics & Data Analysis
    SYA 6933 Advanced STATA
    SYA 6933 International Population Dynamics
    SYA 6933 STATA
    SYD 5045 Introduction to Demography
    SYD 5105 Population Theory
    SYD 5135 Demographic Analysis
    SYD 5136 Life Course Epidemiology
    SYD 5137 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
    SYD 5215 Mortality
    SYD 5225 Fertility
    SYD 5235 Mobility
    SYO 5177 Changing Families
    SYO 6407 Race, Ethnicity & Health
    URP 5261 Forecasting
    URP 5272 Urban & Regional Information Systems
    URP 5530 Planning for the Aging
    URP 5614 Population & Development Planning

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