Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Entertainment Management

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  • Course description
    Entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry on a global scale. Given the economic magnitude and pervasive nature of entertainment in American society, the need has never been greater for professionally trained Entertainment Managers.

    The MBA with a concentration in Entertainment Management provides professional preparation for students who wish to enter the marketing and managerial segments of the entertainment industry. The degree program provides students with a comprehensive core of business knowledge in addition to specialized knowledge, skills, networking abilities, and opportunities to be successful, visionary leaders for entertainment organizations.

    Career Opportunities

    The concentration in Entertainment Management is designed to help students follow their interests in entertainment and acquire the industry-current knowledge and skills to qualify for a number of interesting career opportunities. Some common career paths with this program include:

        * Group Sales Coordinator
        * Account Sales Manager
        * Director of Sales
        * Entertainment Director
        * Affiliated Ad Sales Director
        * Special Events Marketing Coordinator
        * Marketing Director
        * Manager of Strategic Meetings and Events
        * Conference Coordinator
        * Activity Director
        * and many others

    Challenging, Relevant Coursework

    The MBA with a concentration in Entertainment Management features industry-current coursework taught by faculty members with real-world experience in this growing field. Learning from experienced instructors, you can absorb meaningful knowledge that can immediately be applied in real-world professional situations. Instructors will cover material including:

        * Management competencies, leadership, and business ethics required to operate successful entertainment delivery systems.
        * The processes of planning, marketing, organizing, implementing, and evaluating for entertainment, live performances, and special events.
        * Distinguishing and applying the principles of advertising, promotion, and publicity as they relate to entertainment.
        * Developing a strategic marketing plan for an entertainment product, organization, service, performance or event.

    Students who successfully complete the program should be able to:

        * Apply quantitative reasoning and analysis to entertainment management business problems using knowledge of mathematics, statistics, finance, and economics.
        * Develop plans to improve entertainment business operations.
        * Analyze leadership theory and characteristics that contribute to leadership; adapt to the needs of entertainment organizations.
        * Use critical thinking skills and knowledge of entertainment management principles to impact strategic decision making.
        * Use team-based learning experiences in all courses to support intellectual and interpersonal development.
        * Analyze and apply the opportunities provided by technology for entertainment organizations.
        * Analyze and manage potential ethical and legal conflicts for entertainment businesses.
        * Communicate effectively, adapt, and innovate to solve problems in entertainment business situations.

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