Digital Video Editing I - Course - Online

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  • Objectives
    Students learn how to:
    * Discuss and apply foundation concepts in non-linear video modification, film direction, and digital sound editing.
    * Develop a basic proficiency with the tools and techniques available in standard digital video editing programs.
    * Shoot, capture, edit, and output short video projects, organizing the material and editing it into a coherent sequence.
    * Set up short video projects and shoot them using a variety of appropriate camera angles, shots, and framing.
    * Apply a variety of techniques for establishing or breaking continuity in a video sequence.
    * Edit a video sequence to synchronize it to a musical soundtrack or dialogue.
    * Apply a variety of techniques compressing for expanding the perception of time in a video sequence.
    * Apply basic techniques for mixing a soundtrack incorporating the human voice, ambient noise, sound effects, and music.
    * Add basic titles to a digital video, do basic production checks, and output it in common video formats for DVD or the Web.
  • Entry requirements
    To take this course you'll need:
    * Computer with Internet connection (broadband recommended).
    * Non-linear editing program (full directions for Final Cut Express and some notes for Premiere Elements are provided). Students with other non-linear editors (Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, iMovie, and so on) are invited to join the class but will need to adjust for minor differences in interface and features.
    * Access to a digital video camera, preferably a MiniDV with a FireWire I/O connection.
  • Course description
    Learn the fundamentals of shooting and editing your own digital videos
    Ready to make digital videos? Editing film and video is about movement, choreography, the play of light, color, and graphics. And beyond all that, it's all about psychology.

    In this 6-lesson course, you'll learn the art and craft of editing videos from two award-winning filmmakers. The course explores techniques that can be applied in a range of non-linear editing programs, including Final Cut, Avid, and Premiere. But the main focus is not just on developing software skills—it's on exploring the magic behind video modification.

    Challenging projects including editing a commercial, an interview, a narrative scene, a music video, a video diary, and a text title sequence. Hands-on learning helps you explore how to apply time-honored principles of film editing using today's digital technology.

    Important: Students will need access to a digital video camera with a FireWire connection. Students will also need a non-linear editing program. The course includes full directions for Final Cut Express and some notes for Premiere Elements, but students can use a non-linear editing program of their choice (Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, iMovie, and so on). Students who do not use Final Cut Express will need to adjust for differences in interface and features.

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