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Child Care Certificate Program
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Child Care Certificate Program - Greensburg - PA - Pennsylvania

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Child Care Certificate Program - Greensburg - PA - Pennsylvania Child Care Certificate Program - Greensburg - PA - Pennsylvania
Course Description:
ED 201     
Instr'l Strat. for Inclsive Educ.
Current teaching techniques across the curriculum are stressed in this class. Topics covered include Bloom’s Taxonomy, instructional objectives, motivation and retention theories, cooperative learning, inclusive practices, classroom management, assessment, and the use of PA Academic Standards in lesson and unit planning. Fall, spring, and summer. 3 credits.
ED 212     
Physical Education Activities
Designed to assist prospective early childhood and elementary teachers in leading physical activities for children. Graded games, team games, simple folk dances, rhythms, and methods of teaching physical education to handicapped and non-handicapped children. Pre- or co-requisite: ED201. Fall, spring, and summer. 1 credit.
ED 316     
Art in Elementary Education
Current methods of teaching art at the K-6 level, with an emphasis on an integrative approach to lesson/curriculum planning in accordance with PA Academic Standards. Participants will plan, micro-teach, and evaluate various instructional strategies and design instruction to include students who are severely and profoundly retarded. Satisfies Artistic Expression requirement of the Liberal Arts Curriculum. Prerequisite: ED201. Fall semester and summer. 3 credits. Fee.
ED 317     
Music in Elem. Educat'n & Practicum
Current methods, trends, and materials in the teaching of music. Emphasis on designing instruction to include students with physical handicaps. Demonstrations and observation in laboratory schools. Counts toward Artistic Expression requirement of the Liberal Arts Curriculum. Prerequisites: ED201 and MU127. Fall and spring semesters. 2 credits.
FC 160     
Nutrition for Life
Introductory study of nutrition principles and their relationship to health. Discussion of topics such as vegetarianism, dieting, and eating disorders. Laboratory experiences investigating nutritional content of food and related topics. Satisfies the Science requirement of the Liberal Arts Curriculum. Fall and spring semesters and ADP Session 1. 3 credits. Fee.
FC 355     
Addresses issues of the child/parent relationship and the impact of today’s culture on child rearing. Prerequisite: PY225. Fall semester. 3 credits.
FC 361     
Early Childhood Ed & Child Care Adm
Studies of and experiences in the organization, curriculum, and management of developmentally appropriate early childhood settings. Examines the nature and special needs of children from birth through age eight. Addresses family-school-community relationships, services, and child care programs. Practicum in early childhood settings. Two hours lectures plus two hours practicum. Tubercular check, Act 33 Child Abuse and Act 34 Criminal Record check required. Prerequisites: ED201 and PY225. Spring semester. 3 credits.
MU 127     
Fundamentals of Music Theory
A creative approach to fundamental theory and reading skills for non-music majors, developed through active participation with a variety of classroom instruments. A prerequisite or corequisite for ED317 and music courses in performance. Counts toward the Artistic Expression requirement of the Liberal Arts Curriculum. Fall and spring semesters. 1 credit.
PY 110     
Introductory Psychology
An introduction to the history,concepts,principles,and problems of modern psychology including experiential study. This course is a prerequisite for many psychology courses numbered above 225. Fall and spring semesters. 3 credits.
PY 225     
Infancy,Childhood,Adolescence & Lab
The study of human physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development from conception through adolescence. Includes observation and analysis of children’s behavior at the campus Child Development Center. Fall and spring semesters and ADP session 4. 3 credits.
Total Credits     25
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