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Business Administration Degree - Online

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  • Course description
    The Business Administration major focuses students on how a business firm can achieve its objectives in a competitive local, regional, national, or global environment while maintaining ethical principles and practices. This major integrates a broad range of theories, concepts, methods, policies, and practices through the study of finance, economics, law, ethics, marketing, human resources, management, and organizational behavior. Students analyze and evaluate business systems in terms of their efficiency, productivity, profit, and service. They study the challenges and opportunities facing existing companies and new ventures.

    As potential entrepreneurs, students synthesize their knowledge, analyze markets, and develop business plans. They learn to make convincing presentations to employees, customers, managers, board members, and investors. They appreciate how responsible business practices can improve economic standards, social stability, and international trade. Graduates are prepared for a range of career opportunities in both for-profit and nonprofit private entities as well as the public sector.

    The Curriculum

    Liberal Arts Studies Courses

        * LAS 30012 Proseminar OR
              o LAS 20010 College Seminar I and LAS 20020 College Seminar II
        * LAS 45012 Graduation Review

    Plus 6 credit-hours in each of the following Breadth Areas:

        * Art/Expression
        * Social/Civic
        * Science/Description
        * Value/Meaning

    Foundation Courses

        * ACC 20364 Accounting for Business Operations (or equivalent)
        * MAT 20143 Business Math (or equivalent college-level math course)
        * OAD 30763 Business Statistics (or equivalent statistics course)
        * OAD 31664 Business Ethics (or equivalent)
        * ECO 30564 Economics for Managers OR
              o Microeconomics and Macroeconomics  

    Major Required Courses

        * ACC 20464 Accounting for Financing and Investing Activities
        * COM 30363 Organizational Communication OR
              o COM 32663 Business Communication
        * OAD 30563 Management
        * OAD 31063 Business Law
        * OAD 31863 Marketing
        * OAD 40063 Financial Administration
        * OAD 49100 Strategies and Policies (Capstone Course)

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