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BFA in Interior Design Degree

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  • Objectives
    To provide students with an undergraduate professional course of study that conforms to the established academic standards for interior design education

    To promote intellectual inquiry through historical awareness, studies in the humanities, natural and social sciences, English communication, and critical thinking

    To encourage the acquisition of intellectual habits which further active participation in the complex world we all inhabit

    To create a strong foundation in the basic principles and elements of design, drawing and color in order to develop a non-verbal design language, visual logic, and fluency of expression


    To help the student learn to think critically about a design problem before, during and after creating a design solution

    To encourage creative expression and original work within a structured curriculum that balances theory and practice, vision and planning, creativity and logic, art and technology

    To develop skills in applying design principles in a wide variety of residential and non-residential projects; requiring knowledge of spaceplanning, materials, finishes, textiles, lighting, surfaces, structures and codes

    To develop the ability to solve and present problems clearly, creatively and quickly

    To stress the relationship of environment to behavior and the importance of design sensitivity to human needs, integrating such issues as universal design, barrier-free accessibility, and diverse populations with design elements in design work

    To understand how users give meaning to the spaces they inhabit

    To emphasize the historical context of art, architecture and design, understanding that art reflects the values of the time, not temporal caprice, but a series of choices made by the artist

    To encourage the dialogue between interior design and architecture by providing students with knowledge of architectural history, spatial relationships and organizations, methods and materials, construction codes and building systems, and the need to restore the natural connections between a building, its interior, its inhabitants and the environment


    To introduce students to examples of professional accomplishment in art, architecture and design at national and international levels

    To provide a beginning awareness of business practices as they relate to interior design and the designer's ethical responsibilities to the profession and society

    To introduce students to research methodology and its importance to design solutions

    To familiarize students with sources and the marketplace

    Student Work

    To enhance the student's ability to ask appropriate questions, communicate concepts, draw assumptions and implications, and listen empathetically to different points of view so that students will be able to develop solutions with clients, not simply for them

    To provide extensive training in computer skills for computer-aided design (CAD) and business

    To increase awareness of pressing social and environmental concerns, and address how design can help meet the needs of those with limited financial resources through community service

    To provide students with opportunities to exhibit their work, enter meaningful competitions, and develop a design portfolio

    To offer students many opportunities to observe and interact with the professional design community through guest lectures, juries, professional association meetings, and a valuable Internship experience

    To provide students with marketable skills which enable them to obtain entry-level positions in interior design immediately following graduation, and to assist them in obtaining employment

    To encourage students to consider design in its widest possible context as making a contribution to an improved world and to consider their individual potential to be of service
  • Academic Title
    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design
  • Course description
    The interior design degree program leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree is a four-year, 132 semester-credit-unit curriculum, providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the interior design profession.

    The interior design degree program consists of 96 units in the interior design major and 36 units in general education.


    The interior design degree program may be completed in four years by a day student attending full time and successfully completing 15-18 units per semester for eight semesters, Fall and Spring.

    A student attending in the evening and successfully completing the full program offered each semester (6-9 units per semester for 15 semesters), may complete the program in five years. Evening students attend class three semesters per year, Fall, Spring and Summer.
    A Fast Track option is available to day students who want to attend classes year round in order to graduate sooner. The Fast Track program may be completed in two and one half to three years by a student attending full time and successfully completing 15-18 units per semester for eight semesters, Fall, Spring and Summer. This is a program option for full time day students (Fall and Spring), whose Summer semesters will be a combination of day and evening courses.

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