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  • Course description
    The major in social work prepares generalist social workers at the undergraduate level for entry-level positions in social work and for graduate social work education. The program has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1974 and has 12 expected educational outcomes.

    As a result of these expected outcomes, the social work major will be able to: 1) apply critical thinking skills within the context of professional social work practice; 2) practice within the values and ethics of the social work profession and with an understanding of and respect of the positive value of diversity; 3) demonstrate the professional use of self; 4) understand the forms and mechanisms of oppression and discrimination and the strategies of change that advance social and economic justice; 5) understand the history of the social work profession and its current structures and issues; 6) apply the knowledge and skills of generalist social work practice with systems of all sizes; 7) apply knowledge of bio-psycho-social variables that affect individual development and behavior and use theoretical frameworks to understand the interactions among individuals and between individuals and social systems (i.e. families, groups, organizations and communities); 8) analyze the impact of social policies on client systems, workers and agencies; 9) evaluate research studies and apply findings to practice and under supervision, to evaluate their own practice interventions and those of other relevant systems; 10) use communication skills differentially with a variety of client populations, colleagues and members of the community; 11) use supervision appropriate to generalist practice; 12) function within the structure of organizations and service delivery systems, and under supervision, seek necessary organizational change.

    In order to accomplish these 12 educational outcomes, the following academic program is required.

    BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK Requirements: Ten to 14 courses in social work, including SWRK 230, 320, 340, 360, 370, 375, 380, 443, 444, 445; five one-hour IR courses are also required including SWRK 1IR and SWRK 14IR. SWRK 370L is a one-hour lab concurrent with SWRK 370. In addition, the following liberal arts courses are required prior to SWRK 320: SOCY 124, PSYC 110, PSYC 280, BIOL 102 or BIOL 111. General education requirements include:  CSCI 100; SOCY 235; SOCY 140 or SOCY 240; SPEC 111; PSCI 101 or HIST 231 or 232; MATH 105, 111, 117, or 217;  PHIL 210 or THEO 204, and WRTG 159. In addition to SWRK 340, SOCY 341 or MATH 200 must be completed as part of the research requirement. Spanish or another foreign language is expected of all social work majors. The social work faculty will certify the general education service component and competencies in information technology, oral communication, quantitative literacy, reading, writing, and critical thinking in this major.

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