Bachelor of Science in Teaching Physics

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  • Course description
    The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Appalachian offers a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Applied Physics and Bachelor of Arts  (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degrees in Teaching.  Our    departmental curriculum has an applied nature that includes a core of fundamental physics courses and laboratory   experiences. We also strongly encourage our majors to become involved with projects and research experiences outside the   classroom. We have a dedicated faculty and staff that support such student participation with state-of-the-art   research laboratories, observatories, and other educational programs that will enhance the student’s future   professional prospects. The flexibility of the curriculum permits interdisciplinary exploration, not only among the   physics and astronomy disciplines, but also the other natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science. We   expect our curriculum to result in physics graduates who are capable of applying and adapting their undergraduate   education in a variety of scientific, teaching, or engineering professions, as well as future educational endeavors.

    A minimum grade of C is required in each professional education course. CI 2300 & FDN 2400 are required prior to admission to Teacher Educ.
    CI 2300 (2) Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age (Entry course to teacher education)
    FDN 2400 (2) Critical Perspectives on Teaching and Learning (Pre or Co: CI 2300) (Entry course to teacher education)
    PSY 3010 (3) Psychology Applied to Teaching (Pre or Co: CI 2300) PROFICIENCIES:
    SPE 3300* (3) Creating Inclusive Learning Communities (Pre: CI 2300, FDN 2400, PSY 3010) Reading
    C I 3400* (2) Policies and Practice in Educational Assessment (Pre: CI 2300, FDN 2400, PSY 3010) English
    C I 4900 (12) Student Teaching [CAP] (All courses in professional core must be completed with grades of Speech
    C (2.0) or higher prior to student teaching, along with other courses (including methods and reading) identified within the major.
    *Admission to Teacher Education required.
    NOTE: To be admitted to the Teacher Education Program students must take and satisfy testing requirements for Reading, Writing and Math areas of the PRAXIS (PPST or CBT). The PRAXIS II Area Exams are required for student teaching.

    2.0 major GPA is required for graduation. Major GPA calculation will include all courses taken in the major department, plus any other courses under III. Minimum of 18 semester hours of courses taken to fulfill major requirements must be courses offered by Appalachian.
    A. Area of Specialization for teaching physics: (minimum of 32 semester hours)
    PHY 1103 (4) General Physics I (Co: MAT 1020/1025)
    PHY 1104  (4) General Physics II (Pre: PHY 1103)
    PHY 1151 (5) Analytical Physics II ( (Co: MAT 1120)
    PHY 2010 (4) Intermediate Physics I (Pre: PHY 1104/1151; MAT 1120)
    PHY 2020 (4) Intermediate Physics II (Pre: PHY 2010; MAT 2130)
    PHY 2210 (3) Physics Laboratory Techniques and Data Analysis [WID] (Co: ENG 2001, PHY 2020)
    PHY 3210 (3) Modern Physics I (Pre: PHY 1151; Co: PHY 2010)
    PHY 3400 (3) Physics Instruction Practicum
    PHY 3520 (1) Instructional Assistance
    B. Biology (4 sh)
    BIO 1801 (4) Biological Concepts I (Co: CHE 1101)
    C. Geology (4 sh)
    GLY 1101 (4) Introduction to Physical Geology
    D. Chemistry (8 sh)
    CHE 1101 (3) Introductory Chemistry I (Co: CHE 1110)
    CHE 1110 (1) Introductory Chemistry I Lab (Co: CHE 1101)
    CHE 1102 (3) Introductory Chemistry II (Pre: CHE 1101/1110; Co: CHE 1120)
    CHE 1120 (1) Introductory Chemistry II Lab (Co: CHE 1102)
    E. Mathematics (12 sh)
    MAT 1110 (4) Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (Pre: MAT 1025)
    MAT 1120 (4) Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (Pre: MAT 1110)
    MAT 2130 (4) Calculus with Analytic Geometry III (Pre: MAT 1120)
    F. Other Required Courses (6 sh) (*Minimum “C” grade required)
    PHY 3521 (1) Secondary Science Field Experience
    G S 4403* (3) Teaching Science in Middle and High Schools
    R E 4630* (2) Reading in the Content Areas
    G. Additional Required Courses (minimum 3 sh) (Select from the following)
    AST 1001 (4) Introductory Astronomy I
    AST 3050 3) Astronomy for Teachers
    STT 2810 (3) Basic Statistics (Pre: MAT 1010)
    MAT 3130 (3) Intro to Differential Equations
    PHY 3140 (3) Environmental Physics
    PHY 4020 (3) Comp Meth in Physics & Engineering
    PHY 4330 (3) Digital Electronics
    PHY 4730 (3) Analog Circuit Analysis

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