Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

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  • Objectives
    In an increasingly technological world, the need for talented engineers has never been greater. That's why Indiana Tech has created an unprecedented program that immerses you in the world of software engineering. Learn the skills to succeed and gain valuable experience to launch yourself into the future in this innovative program.
  • Course description
    Explore how project work and internships play a central role. The curriculum is built around your project work, and several disciplines are integrated into the process. The software engineering program will provide the necessary skills to step into any development project with experience, confidence and knowledge.
    The software engineering lab was designed to address the needs of a professional development team. The team is given access to required platforms and equipment for their development cycle, along with the communication tools necessary to make sure they meet the stakeholder’s needs.

    Collaborate as a team to face projects and challenges together. Just like in the real world, software engineering students work as a group to achieve their goals. The focus on team-based education sharpens their communication skills and prepares them for further collaboration after they graduate.

    The teams spend the entire semester on their current project, going through all of the phases in the development lifecycle. Throughout the process, they get to wear several different hats and assume diverse roles.
    Team building and group dynamics help students become more than lone resources. Their educational experience promotes integration with development or cross-functional teams.

    Prepare for success with a career in software engineering. Software engineering is cited time and again as one of the fastest growing, best compensated, and most rewarding fields in the modern job market. With the mass integration of technology, it is also one that applies to a range of diverse industries.

    Today, almost everything in the world runs with computer technology. It’s not just your PC or Mac or laptop; computer technology runs everything from our cars and trucks to televisions to lifesaving medical equipment. Every business and industry uses computer technology in some way, and it all runs on software. Someone has to create and maintain that software. Why not you?

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