Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Sciences

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  • Course description
    The Bachelor of Science in actuarial science is chosen by undergraduates who wish to become actuaries. The program of study requires the student to build a firm foundation in basic mathematics, statistics, and economics and finance.

    The program of study for the Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science consists of a minimum of :
    1. 70 hours of core and elective courses in mathematical sciences
    2. 3 hours of an elective in math or business
    3. A well-written statement of objectives
    4. The core curriculum must be completed, and the total number of hours from ALL undergraduate courses must be at least 122 with a GPA of at least 2.0
    5. The designator requirements must be met, and the Certificate of Proficiency in Communication must be completed
    Course Title
    1110 Calculus I
    MAT 1120 Calculus II
    MAT 2130 Calculus III 
    MAT 2240 Linear Algebra
    MAT 3330 Financial Math
    MAT 4330 Senior Seminar in Actuarial Science
    STT 3850 ,Statistical Data Analysis I
    STT 4860 Probability Models and Statistical Inference I
    STT 4865 Statistical Inference II
    ACC 2100 Principles of Accounting I
    ECO 2030 Principles of Economics - Price Theory
    ECO 2040 Principles of Economics - Macro
    ECO 3730 Econometrics
    LAW 2150 Legal Environment of Business
    FIN 3071 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance
    FIN 3072 Personal Property, Liability, Life and Health Insurance
    FIN 3680 Introduction to Finance
    FIN 3690 Financial Management
    FIN 3890 Survey of Investments
    FIN 4770 Derivatives and Financial Risk Management
    MAT or Business Approved Elective

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