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  • Course description

    Economists study how goods and services are produced, bought and sold. Economics doesn't only deal with concepts of money -- it also delves into human behavior, the big variable in the function of each economy. Although economics is sometimes teasingly referred to as "the dismal science," for economists it's a rich, challenging subject with plenty of territory to explore.

    In its basic form, economics provides us with a set of tools for predicting how the market and the economy will respond to certain events. Understanding the underlying forces at work helps individuals and organizations create better financial strategies.

    As an economics major at Lewis University, you will study topics such as:
    • Basic and applied economic theory
    • Essential economics tools for providing decision-makers with concise, structured financial information
    • How to use cutting edge technology to improve your abilities
    • How to forecast practical economic variables

    At Lewis, the business curriculum is practical and career-focused. Guided by experienced faculty members, you will get the hands-on knowledge you need to succeed in your future career.


    Total Credit Hours: 128
    Major Credit Hours: 61

    I. Core Courses (40)
    04-200 Basic Macroeconomics (3)
    04-195 The American Economy (3)
    04-201 Basic Microeconomics (3)
    23-120 Principles of Accountancy I (3)
    23-121 Principles of Accountancy II (3)
    24-349 Business Statistics (3)
    24-350 Decision Science (3)
    25-200 Principles of Marketing (3)
    61-200 Principles of Management (3)
    61-250 Business Law I (3)
    61-300 Business Communication in the Digital Age (3)
    61-390 Management Seminar (1)
    62-200 Principles of Finance (3)
    63-200 Introduction to Information Systems (3)
    Select one of the following:
    24-230 Finite Mathematics (3)
    24-240 Business Calculus (3)

    II. Major Area Courses (12)
    04-330 Government and Business (3)
    04-335 Money and Banking (3)
    04-361 Intermediate Income Theory (3)
    04-362 Intermediate Price Theory (3)

    III. Select three electives: (9)
    04-300 Current Topics in Economics (3)
    04-345 International Economics (3)
    04-472 Economics Internship (3)
    04-492 Independent Study/Economics (3)
    62-300 Corporate Finance (3)

    IV. The advanced writing requirement of the General Education curriculum is satisfied by Economics majors by successful completion of Business Communication in the Digital Age (61-300).

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