B.A. in Sociology

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  • Course description

    Students majoring in Sociology should study and demonstrate understanding of the following:
    1. The sociological imagination.
      Students should be able to:
      a. describe how Sociology is distinct from other social sciences.
      b. apply the sociological imagination to social facts (e.g., an increase in divorce rates, or racial differences in standardized test scores).

    2. The role of sociological theory.
      Students should be able to:
      a. describe the role of theory in building sociological knowledge.
      b. compare and contrast the different theoretical perspectives.
      c. apply these theories to social conditions.

    3. The nature of evidence in sociology.
      Students should be able to:
      a. identify the basic methodological approaches in building sociological knowledge.
      b. compare and contrast various research methodologies.
      c. design and complete a written research project.
      d. critically assess published research.

    4. Data analysis.
      Students should be able to:
      a. understand the role of data analysis in building sociological knowledge and testing theory.
      b. use computer software for statistical analysis.
      c. understand appropriate statistical techniques.
      d. draw valid conclusions from the data analysis.

    5. How cultural and social structures operate.
      Students should be able to:
      a. describe different social institutions and their various influences on the individual.
      b. explain how the aforementioned institutions are interrelated.
      c. evaluate them using sociological theory.

    6. The diversity of human societies.
      Students should be able to:
      a. describe the significance of variation by race, class, gender, religion and age.
      b. explain patterns and variations using sociological theory.
      c. justify policy recommendations to address social inequalities.

    7. Communicate sociology effectively.
      Students should be able to:
      a. produce well written papers that clearly express sociological knowledge.
      b. clearly express sociological knowledge in verbal presentations.
      c. demonstrate critical thinking.

    Acceptance: To select Sociology as a major students must have earned a "C" or better in SOC 1000, Introduction to Sociology.  Because of the major requirements, students must allow three full semesters after the declaration of the major to complete all requirements. 

    Required Courses:
    • SOC 1000  - Introduction to Sociology
    • SOC 6500  - Senior Seminar

    One of the Courses:
  • SOC 5000  - Nature and History of Sociological Theory
  • SOC 5050  - Sociological Theory and Research
  • SOC 5100  - Contemporary Theory and Research

  • One of the Courses:
    • SOC 5300  - Data Analysis for Social Scientists
    • SOC 5400  - Applied Research Methods in Sociology
    • CRJ 5200  - Criminal Justice Research and Statistics

    Six Sociology or Criminal Justice Electives (not including CRJ 1000 or CRJ 5000)  

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