Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

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  • Practical experience
    The Center for Criminal Sciences, part of Indiana Tech’s College of General Studies, wascreated to meet the need for well educated, savvy criminal justice professionals. Our instructors’ experience working in the criminal justice system contributes to the professional success of our graduates. The program prepares students to perform in the criminal justice profession, coordinating among law enforcement, courts and correctional agencies to enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals and the community.
    Careers in criminal justice encompass a myriad of jobs that will be available to you upon completion of your degree.
  • Course description
    Crime fighting isn’t as glamorous as it seems on TV or in the movies. It requires hard work by well-trained individuals—from the police officers on the street to the highest ranks of law enforcement and everyone in between. That’s where Indiana Tech’s Center for Criminal Sciences comes in.

    A growing number of law enforcement agencies require some college education for new officers, and Indiana Tech’s associate degree will fulfill that entry-level requirement. The associate degree program includes eight core courses which examine the criminal justice system as a whole. Subsequent courses take a closer look at individual components of the criminal justice system, such as the police force, the courts, and the corrections system.

    Career Opportunities
    The program gives students a general understanding of the criminal justice system that will enable them to excel in a variety of agencies, such as police forces at the local and state level. If you’re looking for a springboard for further learning in other university
    majors or a police academy, the associates degree is a great choice.
    Some career opportunities that our students have available to them with an associate of science in criminal justice are:
    • State and federal police officer
    • Parole officer
    • Immigration inspector
    • Legal assistant
    • Crisis counselor
    • Private investigator
    • Park ranger
    • Youth counselor
    • Claims adjuster

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