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  • Course description
    Career Goals:
    •    Holistic Health Practitioner
    •    Holistic Health Educator, Writer, or Speaker
    •    Wellness Coach
    •    Lifestyle Coach or Consultant
    •    Health Care Industry Assistant - Day Spa, Holistic Retreat, Spa Facility
    •    Administrative or support role in any company in the health care industry
    •    Customer Service role within the health care industry
    •    Sales Associate role within the health care industry

    With Herbal Specialization:
    •    Master Herbalist, Registered Herbalist
    •    Herbal Educator, Author, Speaker
    •    Herbal Consultant
    •    Herbal Retailer
    •    Herbal Writer

    Program Description:
    The AAS program’s mission is to help guide the evolution of healthcare by creating, educating, and actively supporting a community of professionals who embody the philosophy and practice of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

    Emphasis is placed on the science and philosophy of holistic health using a variety of techniques that are in harmony with nature and the individual. The varied techniques that a member of the holistic health industry employs are covered, focusing on the desired outcome to increase the natural vitality of the individual and bring the body systems back into balance. We examine the belief fundamental to natural healing that the human body contains a strong power to heal itself. While examining this belief we also look at how the individual is able to stimulate this power by educating others about how to maintain health once it is achieved, increase vitality and build up one’s resistance through improved nutrition and a harmonious balanced lifestyle.

    An admissions interview and recommendation for admission from the Dean of Admissions.

    Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine - Herbal Medicine Major requirements:

    Core Curriculum:
    The core curriculum grounds students in holistic health concepts, language, anatomy, physiology, and pathology as a means of examining imbalances in the body’s structure and function. The core provides a basis on which students can explore more advanced concepts in elective courses.

    Core Curriculum

    At least 6 semester credit hours (SCH) of English composition (see Admissions) can be transferred in or completed at any time before graduation
    Anatomy & Physiology I
    Anatomy & Physiology II
    Anatomy & Physiology III      
    Nutrition, Bodycare & Herbalism
    Introduction to Aromatherapy  
    Basics of Herbalism 
    Herbal Studies
    Holistic Nutrition 
    Holistic Pathophysiology
    Holistic Pathology & Protocols
    Healthcare Terminology
    Holistic Health Consulting & Business Skills
    Introduction to Psychology
    Personal and Community Health

    The next step is to either complete 12 credits of elective study or choose a Specialization in Aromatherapy or Herbal Medicine and one elective. In addition to the core requirements, students will complete 12 credits. All students complete at least 60 credits of study. Your Admissions Advisor will help you choose the training that best meets your personal and career goals.
    Choose 12 Credits of Elective Study or Choose the Herbal Medicine Specialization and One Elective:

    Elective Options:                                                                              
    Aromatherapy III  
    Aromatherapy Chemistry  
    Herbal Materia Medica I  
    Herbal Materia Medica II  
    Herbal Materia Medica III 
    Dynamic Phytotherapy  
    Flower Essences  
    Topics in Holistic Nutrition
    Study Time:
    Each course within the AAS degree is completed over 16 weeks. Minimum study time recommended for each course is 9 hours per week. Graduates are awarded the Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine [AAS].

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