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  • Course description
    The Associate Degree Program in Psychology is comprised of twenty comprehensive courses with clear, logical lessons. They are easy to follow, yet challenging and stimulating at the same time. Each lesson begins with a subject matter preview and objectives, and an introductory note from your instructor.

    Next come the reading and research assignments. Practice exercises help you check and review what you've learned. You'll take periodic lesson exams with your books and notes open. For your convenience, you may take these online.

    Semester 1

    C01 - Introduction to Business

    A broad overview of the business world for both business and non-business majors. An introduction to the business environment, business ownership, management, marketing, technology and information, and finance.

    C02 - Business Communications I

    Basic principles of communication that are particularly applicable in business and industry, providing a foundation for more effective communication skills. Focuses on the proper use of English grammar in business settings.

    R04 - Human Relations

    An examination of the four major issues in human relations: understanding and managing oneâ??s self, dealing effectively with others, fostering career success, and managing oneâ??s personal life. These issues are presented within the premise that career and personal success are interrelated.

    S01 - Introduction to Psychology I

    An introduction to the study of psychology, including psychological research, biology and behavior, and the relationships between the environment and behavior. Also covers neurons, hormones, and the brain, body rhythms and mental states, sensation and perception, learning and conditioning, and behavior in social and cultural contexts.

    S02 - Introduction to Psychology II

    A continuation of Introduction to Psychology I, this course explores thinking and feeling, the developing person, and health and disorders. Also covers emotion, motivation, theories of personality, development over the life span, and approaches to treatment and therapy.

    Semester 2

    C07 - Personal Finance

    A consumer-oriented overview of the practical application of economic concepts. Emphasizes decision making about budgeting, savings, consumer strategies, insurance, investing, retirement planning, and estate planning.

    S03 - Human Growth and Development I

    An in-depth look at physical, cognitive and psychosocial development from birth through middle childhood.

    S04 - Human Growth and Development II

    A continuation of Human Growth and Development I, this course covers physical, cognitive and psychosocial development from adolescence through late adulthood and death.

    C05 - Business Communications II

    The basics of written communication in business. Explores differences in approach and format for various business documents. Also covers techniques for planning, researching, organizing, and writing reports.

    C08 - American Government

    Overview of the structure and operations of the federal government, including constitutional principles, rights and liberties, the political process, and the relationships among the three branches of the federal government.

    Semester 3

    C17 - College Mathematics

    A comprehensive review of mathematical skills and concepts commonly used in academic and vocational applications. Covers whole numbers, fractions, decimal notation, ratios and proportions, percents, statistics and measurement, geometry, real numbers, and algebra.

    S05 - Social Problems

    Overview of social problems with emphasis on sexual variance, alcohol and drugs, crime and delinquency, violence, poverty, family problems, physical and mental illness, war, population, aging, urban problems, and environmental destruction.

    S06 - Social Psychology

    Introduction to the behavior of individuals as members of the larger society, with emphasis on beliefs, judgments, attitudes, conformity, persuasion, group influence, prejudice, aggression, intimacy, altruism, conflict, peacemaking, and practical applications.

    S07 - Abnormal Psychology

    Introduction to abnormal behavior with particular emphasis on classification, treatment, and assessment of various disorders, including anxiety disorders, sexual disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, substance related disorders, eating disorders, and impulse control disorders.

    M03 - Organizational Behavior

    A study of the theory, research, and practice related to human behavior in organizational settings. Attention is focused on the theories and realities of leadership, power, motivation, work satisfaction, group dynamics, decision making, and organizational change. The course also aims to broaden perceptions of the causes and effects of interpersonal and group behavior, its dynamics and influences, and organizational behavior relating to organizational climates, conflict, and structural design.

    Semester 4

    C10 - Introduction to Computers

    Designed to assure a basic level of computer applications literacy. Includes word processing, spreadsheet, database, e-mail, and the Internet. Also covers various types of computer hardware and networking methods. (This course has been designed so that access to a computer is helpful, but not required.)

    S08 - Psychology of Personality

    Factors shaping personality, including the biological (genes and evolution), the intrapsychic (factors within the mind that influence behavior, thoughts, and feelings), the dispositional (aspects of personality that are stable over time and relatively consistent in a variety of situations), the cognitive and experiential (perceptions, thoughts, feelings, desires, beliefs, and other conscious experiences), the social and cultural (social institutions, social roles and expectations, and relationships with other people), and adjustments to events in day-to-day life.

    C06 - Business Ethics

    Explores current ethical issues in the business world, including social and professional responsibilities, organizational relationships, employee rights and obligations, workplace discrimination, organizational culture, and ethics in a global economy.

    C16 - Principles of Marketing

    A study of the facilitation of exchange relationships in a dynamic environment through the creation, distribution, promotion, and pricing of goods, services, and ideas. The concepts of market segmentation, marketing strategies, and marketing information systems will be stressed, in addition to the process of planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling marketing activities.

    M01 - Human Resource Management

    The principles and human relations problems involved in the administration of personnel are thoroughly explored. Topics include job analysis and specification; recruitment, selection and training; job evaluation; supervision of employees; salary and wage administration; and labor relations. The students will gain familiarity with modern methods of selection, testing, training, and solving various personnel problems.

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