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  • Objectives
    The objectives of this program are to prepare students
    to meet the minimum standards of the California Board of
    Registered Nursing and employment in the field. Students must
    complete all requirements for the Associate in Arts degree in
    order to graduate from this program (exception: LVN 30 unit
    option). Upon completion, graduates are eligible to apply to
    take the National Council Licensing Examination to become
    a Registered Nurse. Students must achieve a minimum grade
    of C (2.0) in all prerequisite courses, as well as, each nursing
    course in order to remain enrolled and complete the program.
    A grade of C (2.0) or higher must also be maintained in all
    other required courses in the nursing curriculum.
    Enrollment is open to both men and women who meet
    the following requirements: a 2.5 overall grade point average
    (GPA) or higher AND no more than ONE repeat in any of the
    prerequisite science courses; each science prerequisite must
    have been completed in the last five years; minimum physical
    qualifications; completion of specific prerequisite courses
    and requirements for the appropriate curriculum option.
  • Course description
    Students must complete major requirements in effect at
    the time enrollment in the Nursing Program begins or major
    requirements in effect at graduation as long as continuous
    enrollment is maintained. (See page 48 for definition of continuous
    At least 50% of the required major units must be completed
    at Santa Monica College.

    All coursework for the major must be completed with a
    grade of C (2.0) or higher.
    ADN Curriculum – 71 units
    Prerequisite Courses: (16 units)
    English 1, Reading and Composition 1 (3)
    Anatomy 1, General Human Anatomy (4)
    Physiology 3, Human Physiology (4)
    Microbiology 1, Fundamentals of Microbiology (5)
    As pre-preparation, the student should have high school
    chemistry, or should take Chemistry 10.

    Once above prerequisites are completed you may then
    meet with the nursing counselors to apply to the program.
    There is a 1-3 semester wait period from the date of application.
    Nursing Theory classes have a corresponding Clinical (laboratory)
    component that must be taken concurrently.

    Level 1/First Semester: 8 units
    Admission to the nursing program:
    Nursing 10, Nursing Skills (2)
    Nursing 10L, Nursing Skills Laboratory (2)
    Prerequisites: Nursing 10, Nursing 10L, Nursing 36
    Nursing 15, Nursing Fundamentals (2)
    Nursing 15L, Nursing Fundamentals Laboratory (2)

    Level 2/Second Semester: 8 units
    Prerequisite Courses: Nursing 15, Nursing 15L
    Nursing 20, Introduction to Medical/Surgical Nursing (2)
    Nursing 20L, Introduction to Medical/Surgical Nursing Laboratory (2)
    Prerequisite Courses: Nursing 20, Nursing 20L, Nursing 19*
    Nursing 25, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (1.5)
    Nursing 25L, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Laboratory (1.5)
    Nursing 28, Community-Based Nursing Practice (1)
    Nursing 28, Nursing 16 and Nursing 25L must be taken concurrently with Nursing 25

    Level 3/Third Semester: 10 units
    Prerequisite Courses: Nursing 25, Nursing 25L, Nursing 16, 17, 28
    Nursing 30, Intermediate Medical/Surgical Nursing (2.5)
    Nursing 30L, Intermediate Medical/Surgical Nursing Laboratory (2.5)
    Nursing 35, Advanced Medical/Surgical Nursing (2.5)
    Nursing 35L, Advanced Medical/Surgical Nursing Laboratory (2.5)

    Level 4/Fourth Semester: 9 units
    Prerequisite Courses: Nursing 35, Nursing 35L, Psychology 19
    Nursing 40, Nursing of Children/Pediatrics (1.5)
    Nursing 40L, Nursing of Children/Pediatrics Laboratory (1.5)
    Nursing 45, Women’s Health Care (1.5)
    Nursing 45L, Women’s Health Care Laboratory (1.5)
    Prerequisite Courses: All courses that are part of the Nursing curriculum plan.
    Nursing 50, Professional Role Transition (1)
    Nursing 50L, Professional Role Transition Laboratory (2)

    Additional ADN Graduation Requirements*: (19 units)
    Each course must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or
    higher, except for Social Science Group A, Global Citizenship/
    Humanities, and Math, which must be completed with a grade
    of D (1.0) or higher. Speech 5*, Interpersonal Communication (3)
    Psychology 19*, Lifespan Human Development (3)
    Sociology 1, Introduction (3) Global Citizenship/Humanities (choose one course): Art
    (72), (79) (if completed Fall 2008 or later), Art History
    11, 72, Cinema (7), Dance 2, English 9, 10, Film
    Studies 7, Music 33 (if completed Fall 2005 or later), 37, Speech (4) (3)
    Nursing 17*, Pharmacology (3)
    Nursing 36*, Calculations in Drugs and Solutions (1)
    Social Science – Group A (3)/History 11, 12, 15 (same as
    Economics 15), 45, 46, Political Science 1

    OPTION 1:
    Math: Choose one option from the following three:
    1. Computer Science 10 (same as Math 10); Math 2, 7, 8,
    10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 21, (22), (23), (24), 26, 28, 29,
    32 (if completed Fall 2006 or later), 41, 52, 54
    ( ) Courses in parentheses are no longer offered.

    OPTION 2:
    2. Students who enrolled at Santa Monica College in Fall
    2007 or later or who have not maintained continuous
    enrollment* must: Pass Math Proficiency Test**
    and one of the courses listed at the end of this option
    or complete the Santa Monica College math assessment
    and place into Math 18, 20, 32, or higher and
    take one of the following courses: Accounting 1, 2;
    Computer Science; Philosophy 7, 9; Sociology 4;
    Speech 11

    OPTION 3:
    3. Students who enrolled at Santa Monica College prior
    to Fall 2007 and have maintained continuous enrollment*
    must: Pass Math Proficiency Test** and one of
    the courses listed at the end of this option or complete
    the Santa Monica College math assessment and place
    into Math 18, 20, 32, or higher and take one of the
    following courses: Accounting 1, 2, 21; Business 32;
    Computer Information Systems/Computer Science;
    English 2, 23, 48; ESL 23; Journalism 1; Philosophy 7,
    9; Psychology 5; Sociology 4; Speech 1, 2, 5, 11

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