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Adobe Fireworks CS5 Training
School: Noble Desktop
Method: At the institution
Type: Courses
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Adobe Fireworks CS5 Training - New York - NY - New York

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Adobe Fireworks CS5 Training - New York - NY - New York Adobe Fireworks CS5 Training - New York - NY - New York
Course Description:
Adobe Fireworks is a powerful image editor used for creating complex sliced images, animated GIFs, and web graphics of all sorts. In this class you will create animated banners, complex sliced graphics, and buttons of all shapes and sizes. We'll show you how to mix and match JPEG and GIF graphics, do complex rollover effects, and create image maps which trigger other image rollovers.

The 2-week training workshops meet twice a week for two weeks while the 2-day class consists of two seven-hour sessions with a one-hour lunch break. Each student gets their own computer with a 19" monitor. Included is our custom workbook with CD, used by teachers and colleges worldwide.

Session 1
Importing Files
Simple Shapes
Strokes and Fills
Graphic Symbols
Text Styling
Drop Shadows
Drawing Tools and Text
Symbols and Photos

Session 2
JPEG/GIF/PNG and When to Use Them
File Size Optimization
Exporting Slices
Building the Page in Dreamweaver
Button Symbols
Creating Rollovers
Previewing Buttons
Gradient Masks
Optimizing Graphics for the Web
Putting it Together in Dreamweaver
Button Symbols

Session 3
Creating Pages
Master Pages
Exporting Multiple Pages
Rounded Corners
Glass-like Reflections
Gradient Backgrounds
Wrapping Text around an Image
Using States for Rollovers   Multiple Page Website Mock-Up
More on Drawing Tools
Masking and Text Wrapping
Creating Rollovers (Using States)

Session 4  
Exporting States to Files
Resizing Using Symbols
9-Slice Scaling
Using States for Animation
Creating an Animated Banner
More Complicated Slicing
Rounded Corners & 9-Slicing
Exporting States to Files
Creating an Animated Banner
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