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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
School: Pitzer College
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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics - Claremont - CA - California

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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics - Claremont - CA - California Bachelor of Science in Mathematics - Claremont - CA - California
Course Description:
A student must take a total of 12 courses for the Mathematics major, distributed as follows:

    * I. Calculus (3 courses)
      Three semesters of Calculus (Math 30, 31, 32) with a grade of C or better in each course. In some cases, a suitable score on the Pitzer Mathematics Placement exam, or the Calculus AP exam, may be substituted for one or more of these courses.
    * II. Core (3 courses)
          o Linear Algebra
          o Differential Equations or a Mathematical Modeling course making extensive use of differential equations.
          o Probability
    * III. Depth and Breadth (4 courses)
      Two 2-courses sequences of upper division mathematics courses chosen from the same area of mathematics in consultations with the advisor. Normally the first course will be prerequisite for the second and will itself have courses from I or II as prerequisites. Examples include, but are not limited to:
          o Probability and Statistics
          o Analysis I and II
          o Algebra I and II
          o Functions of a Complex Variable and Complex Analysis
          o Combinatorics and Graph Theory
          o Geometry and Topology

      Students who count the sequence of Probability and Statistics under this requirement must then take one additional upper-division mathematics course of their choice.
    * IV. Applications and Connections (2 courses)
      Two courses outside of mathematics that emphasize the application of mathematics or its connections to other disciplines: for example, courses in Computer Science, Science, Engineering, and History or Philosophy of Mathematics. These courses will be chosen in consultation with the advisor, and normally will have mathematics courses from I, II, or III as prerequisites.
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